News:Wutah Kobby Reveals 10 "Commandments" to Sustain a Music Group

Wutah Kobby Reveals 10 "Commandments" to Sustain a Music Group.

The mystery behind why music groups collapse has always been a topic for discussion among music lovers. Great Ghanaian music groups like Akyeame, NFL, Sass Squad, Buk Bak, VIP, Wutah and a host of others broke up and broke the heart of their fans.

While such break ups have been interpreted to be a matter of individual choice and direction, others believe it usually does not help the parties involved when it happens. By way of spotting the possible causes of these splits and break-ups, a member of the defunct music duo Wutah, Kobby, has outlined 10 ways of keeping a music group in his Facebook post. 

 In an interview with the "Chio Chio" singer Kobby on Pluzz FM, he got all these points through his personal experience and from other people. He hopes that this will serve as advice to both existing groups and up and coming ones.  Underlisted are his 10 basic rules of keeping a group as published on his Facebook page:

Here are the 10 basic 'commandments' to keep a group by KOBBY (Wutah)

1.Acknowledging what you think your partner is doing RIGHT and commending them for doing it

2. Don't chase women together whether you are or not married

3. Drink moderately and be conscious of your environment and every conversation when you are with other people

4.Suppress negative thoughts
This is a big one. The more you can push out negativity and make a habit of it, the healthier your minds will be.

5.there is always going to be another , so don't hold on somethings for long

6. Never feel or say you deserve more than your partner even if you brought a deal that made you gain

7.Quickly divert attention to or credit to your partner in an appreciative way for their help ,when it's been pinned on you cultivate the habit of addressing with "WE" . what happens behind the scenes stays behind ,

8. Criticize your partner constructively by demonstrating what you think could have been better and show them if you have to, in private and a suggestive way ,don't impose. By teaching you sharpen up too

9.Don't encourage or create situations where one has to choose between family or the group ,

10.When hard choices which involves serving one before the other , let the management choose

Facebook: Kobby(KobbyMusiq)

Source: Dj Stanzy(The Ultimate)