News:Donating to charity should be publicized-Perppy

Donating to charity should be publicized-Preppy

Gospel songstress Perppy Tsahey,known in the music fraternity as Perppy has shared her own point of view as to celebrities showing off any social responsibilities of them by giving back to society,what the society has given them.

The smooth voice songstress stated that its not bad for a celebrities to show off or publicize anything good they do for the society because its part of their responsibilities and its also opens doors for others, who has the will to do such good gestures but don't know how to go by it.

She also stated "By putting the information out,it also prompts others to do same.It encourages others to also give a helping hand to the needy when they realize its a social responsibility of every patriotic citizen and not only public figures"

Perppy has an annual program dubbed "Let a child smile" which comes of every 25th December of the year,which sees to put smiles in the life of the orphan and the less privileged kid in our country and it has been in the system for the past 3years and this year's edition is coming off on the usual date in the Christmas festivities.

Speaking to, "What we basically do is to distribute all kids items,food and books.We believe there are other kids on the streets who don't have 3 meals a day" she said.

She continue by adding"last year we celebrated 25th with over 1000 kids and gave free NHIS registration for some of them.This year being the 4th edition,we are trying to bring on board, free health screening for them."

Source:Dj Stanzy(the Ultimate)